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When it comes to translation, we must talk about general texts and specialized texts.

We talk about general texts when their language and audience are not specialized and, as a consequence, do not carry any lexical and/or technical complexity.

Any text should be translated considering its final audience (among other aspects). Regarding this type of text, the translator should employ clear and easy-to-understand vocabulary. Therefore, we need to stay away from specialized jargon to make sure that everyone can understand said text.

In spite of being simple texts, when seen from a terminological or technical perspective, this does not mean that the translator should skip any stages in the translation process or fail to adapt the text for the target culture. On the contrary, the translator should follow an equally thorough procedure and work with the same dedication as they would when translating a specialized text. Furthermore, the language and register employed should be easily understood by the general public.

Examples of this type of text include (but are not limited to):

  • Journalistic writing: a report, daily news, opinion articles, editorials, etc.
  • Promotional and advertising texts.
  • Letters and emails.
  • Information targeted at the general public about arts, culture, gastronomy, etc.
  • CVs, cover letters, recommendation letters, etc.
  • Website Translation, Blog Translation, E-commerce Translation

A good translation is one that is perceived as if it had been written in the target language, that is to say, one that does not look like a translation; it looks like a text written originally in the target language.

In order to get the best translation, you should hire a professional translator whose expertise and extensive vocabulary can provide the best quality service.

As a professional translator, I have all the appropriate tools and skills to provide the service you are looking for.

Do not hesitate to contact me to request a free quote. Whether you need to translate a general or specialized text, hire a professional. If I am not the right person for your project, I can refer you to a colleague.



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